Monday, 16 May 2011

Give away end.

It's been about a week and abit so I'll finish the give away.
Since only one guy entered, the other guy doesn't play games.
Luke Collis wins
^That's his blog if you wish to check it out and Much love to him for being the only guy entering.
I'll get the game to ASAP and a picture with him and the game :)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Game GiveAway!

Right, as I promised I'm doing a give away.

But ladies and Gentlemen there is two of them.
One is for my blog & The other is for a minecraft pixel art contest.
The First prize for my give away Is kintec Adventure.
The First prize for the minecraft contest is portal 2.
If you're wondering why there is such a difference that's because the minecraft one was done in a team and well this is just my blog.. :)

So for a chance of winning the blog contest, to enter all you do is simply comment with the following detail.
To win you must show the most active thing you can do recording this may be lifting weights like 10,000 times haha or free running, it's your choice all it has to be is active simply because it relates to the game. Also there is another copy of the game o.e To win that you can also drop a comment on the best way to give away games... And yes you can enter both.

For the minecraft one please go to the following link,  there is a 1st,2nd and 3rd prize for this one. To enter follow the rules on the post and please bump for support on this blog and the minecraft thread.

Please Please Please Pass this blog link around/minecraft link/ info w/e Just help get people Involved. 

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Start of a new month!

While I decide what to give away to the few people who view my blog I've been watching movies on DVD lately because after my laptop blowing up -.- I had to get a replacement so yeah.
And I can't think what to say now I've been away for so long o.e errmmm.Oh well I'll be seeing alot of movies this month anyway :3 Such as the new POTC.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Tae Guk GI

Those who enjoy good media and do not mind reading sub titles, please watch a movie called "Tae Guk Gi" It's about the north and south Korean war because bloody hell it's a great movie indeed I mean for those who are willing to watch it because they enjoy something good then 
I'm not going to say anything apart from remember the pen.

I must say I really cannot stress, please watch this movie.

I know we all hate megavideo but here is the only link I could find
I'm thinking about giving halo reach away?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Hi :)

Well at the moment I'm having a trippy event with my password and big things are going on in my life at the moment, sorry If I don't get to blog as much.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


My laptop died :'(, the north bridge blew up along side the cpu and the south bridge just melted on top that my hard drive died o.o.

So yeah sorry for not updating my blog but I'm going to review an old...old game
Jet Set Radio Future this game wasen't well known not at least how I remember it ¬.¬ But this game for me was turning point when I knew games at a different style didn't have to be a grimy FPS but a 3rd person roller blading spray painting where you can fight each other and other roller blading games with spray paint o.O. The main goal of the game was to take down the main clan who happened to be cyborgs or something who kidnapped your friend. If I remember correctly he was called "Yo-Yo", the games graphics overall we're bad and it used the same style as Borderlands you know the shell shaded style where they can get away with lazy design at certain times? yh it used that.

Since I do believe it has no backwards compatibility you'd need to dig out your big black box called the Xbox o.o there were many versions of the game scattared across that generation for this game aswell. The bad point I see with the game is that some of the missison it was god dam if not impossible to find the places you needed to go and some annoying roller blading robot at the start is where you went to save the game, thanks for no auto save function that caused it to go out the window after 12hours of playing.

Sorry for the bad spelling In abit of a rush haha, <3 much love to all who read my blog

Monday, 18 April 2011

Give away info update

HOPEFULLY The first give away will begin within the first week within  or whatever month comes after this haha. Post a comment on what you would like to see on the give away (Reasonable I'm not a millionaire)