Friday, 8 April 2011

Next review!

Right after a 3day break to play lots of games & Watch lots of movies people have recommended, I'mma going to make a new post.

Game I recommend- Duke nukem for the playstaton 1...
Tips for that particular game- Blow stuff up haha, no really this is the only true FPS I can remember & the new one is out in june after a back breaking 13years so... May as well let Duke back into out lifes. I'm not going to games to gun because I'm pretty sure you can guess.

Movie I recommend- Into the wild
Review: I... I... It's was amazing just please watch it


  1. Duke Nukem 3D rocks! It was so fun to play back in the day.

  2. This is awesome! Love it! keep up the great work!

  3. Whats the movie about? nvm i'll google it :)

  4. Duke Nukem used to be my favourite game of all :D

  5. Duke nukem, so many great memories!

  6. Hopefully the epic balls edition will be the 1st thing I'll be giving away