Friday, 15 April 2011

Two movie reviews :D

Battle of LA
Being a "B class" Movie meaning low funding towards the movie,overall the effects were... lets say rather comedic & the story line was somewhat funny involving Aliens,some weird stuff & characters with characteristics just screaming "I'm next in line to die" Or I have a funny feeling about that guy then dying.

Without ruining it (No really you could have guessed that above within the first 20 minutes & I'm not even joking here) The movie overall is worth the watch on a spare night or having it loaded up in background but this is my view and I judge B class movies on every flaw because they have to be, it's the only way they can develop. 

If you've seen the trailer for this then you already know if you're going to like it or not & If you haven't do you like aliens in movies? If so you've got a good chance of enjoying this. If not and you think they're just stupid then you will not like this movie.. at all. Anyway onto the short review, the movie overall has a good story line but has one major confusing element hovering over the movie like a bad smell in an elevator. I don't know what the say really without trying not to ruin it haha.

I would most love some feedback on how to project my review without the spoilers slipping out <3 Much love all!

So yeah this was more a less an aliens based review.


  1. nice reviews might try to watch one of these

  2. Nice reviews, but probably won't be seeing either of them anytime soon.

  3. I'd recommend just downloading them both to be fair, not worth going out your way for haha <3 Much love for commenting.